How to Start Looking, Feeling, and actually being younger?
FACT: Short Telomeres=AGING

What you eat, how you exercise and all of the things that you know matter to your health are important to your health. However, what is truly the culprit for making you older are telomeres. They are the end part of your DNA strand, and they are shortening over time. They are like a built in biological clock, and every year that ticks by, they shorten.

Eventually, the telomeres shorten to the point where your cells begin to get sick. Over time, you lose your energy, sexual performance, you gain weight, lose muscle, and begin to develop “diseases of aging” such as Diabetes, Alzheimers dementia, and heart disease.

In fact, there is no other scientific lab test that more accurately predicts your biological age than measuring the length of your telomeres.

“After taking TA-65 for 3 months-I have more energy, my vision has improved, I have increased hair on my head, I repair faster after workouts, and my libido has improved dramatically…”

-A.G., MD, and CEO

We have the solution to slow down the aging process.
TA-65 is an all natural compound produced by the Astragalus plant root that has been clinically proven to turn on the gene Telomerase.
TA-65 is revolutionizing longevity science. In fact, TA-65 is the only molecule that has been clinically proven to lengthen Telomeres by turning on the telomerase gene..
By turning on telomerase, studies show that TA-65 improves cardiovascular health, immune function, sexual function, vision, and skin elasticity, and a myriad of other age related diseases and changes. TA-65 has a demonstrated history of safety. In fact, no adverse events have been reported whatsoever since its first use.

A recent clinical trial published in the Journal Rejuvenation Research shows that when TA-65 is taken as part of a health maintenance program, significant changes can be seen in markers of metabolic, bone, and cardiovascular health.

The Table below shows % improvements in various cardiovascular and metabolic markers after 1 year of treatment with TA-65.

Is TA-65 the Fountain of Youth?
In a way, yes. It is a way to make your telomeres grow so that they are closer to the length they were when you were younger. In essence, it lengthens your telomeres, thus helping you become the younger you again.
We want everyone to be a part of the benefits of this; we believe this is the greatest discovery in health care in the last 20 years.
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