Question: What Are Telomeres?
Answer: Telomeres are the most significant discovery in the area of anti-aging medicine. Telomeres are the protective ends that cap your DNA strands. Compare them to the plastic caps on the ends of our shoelaces that prevent the shoelace from unraveling. Telomeres do the same thing.

Question: What is the best dosage for me? Do I just follow the directions on the bottle?
Answer: We recommend taking 3 capsules nightly for the 1st month, followed by 2 capsules nightly for the next 3 months.  Afterwards a maintenance dose of 1 capsule a night will suffice.  During periods of high stress you should go back to 3 capsules nightly

Question: Can I take TA-65 with my other medications?
Answer: Yes.  TA-65 is a plant based supplement and can be taken with foods and other medicines.  However, it is best to take on an empty stomach.

Question: Do I take TA-65 on an empty stomach or with food?
Answer: TA-65 works best when taken on an empty stomach.  Ideally it should be taken nightly 2 hours after your final meal.

Question: How long will it take before I start feeling the benefits of TA-65?
Answer: In 2005, a clinical trial using TA-65 noted improvements in vision, sexual function, skin and immune function as early as 6 weeks into the trial. However, in our clinical practice we notice improvements in our patients as early as 3 weeks.  Note: Individual results may vary.

Question: I’m 66 will TA-65 help me or is it only for younger people?
Answer: TA-65 will turn on Telomerase in both older and younger people alike.  Older users of TA-65 are in fact more likely to see a benefit as they have shorter telomeres to begin with.