Turn On Your Telomerase Production In Your Own Body

Scientists have discovered a compound produced by the Astragalus plant root that has been clinically proven to turn on Telomerase. This compound is called TA-65. It is revolutionizing longevity science. TA-65 is clinically proven to lengthen Telomeres by activating the enzyme telomerase. TA-65 is a 100% natural product (it comes from a plant root). The active ingredient is extracted from the Astragalus plant using FDA compliant means.

Studies suggest that TA-65 may improve cardiovascular health, immune function, sexual function, vision and skin elasticity. TA-65 has a demonstrated history of safety. Since TA-65 is a natural plant based supplement very few side effects can be expected. In fact, no adverse events have been reported whatsoever since its first use.

Clinical Study using TA-65:

Study of 97 subjects who took TA-65 as part of an age management protocol. The table above shows the average percentage improvement in blood parameters at 1 year. The results were all statistically significant improvements.

Nobel Prize

In 2009 the Nobel Prize was awarded to the researchers who discovered how our DNA is protected by telomeres and their discovery of Telomerase. The world of science is obviously blown away by this Nobel Prize winning research. Since that miraculous discovery a ton of new research on telomeres has shown major correlations between longer telomeres and better health.

Specifically, short telomeres have been correlated with Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, Stroke and many other illnesses (In other words, the diseases of old age). Simply put, people with shorter telomeres are more likely to develop illnesses that occur with aging and death.

Just to prove this, scientists have shown that after turning on telomerase production in mice, the prematurely aged mice became young again. Specifically they became more fertile, grey hairs became colored again and their degenerated organs became young and vital.